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Abnormal upper lip morphology (HP:0000177)
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Abnormal lip pigmentation +   
Abnormal lower lip morphology +   
Abnormal upper lip morphology +   
An abnormality of the upper lip.
Chapped lip  
Cheilitis +   
Eclabion +   
Fused lips 
Lip fissure  
Lip freckle 
Lip pit +   
Lip telangiectasia  
Neoplasm of the lip 
Swollen lip  
Thick vermilion border +   
Thin vermilion border +   
Vascular malformation of the lip +   

Exact Synonyms: Abnormality of upper lip
Narrow Synonyms: Anomaly of the upper lip ;   Deformity of the upper lip ;   Malformation of the upper lip
Xrefs: UMLS:C4025884
Definition Sources: HPO:probinson

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