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gliotoxin biosynthetic process (GO:2001310)
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(+)-3'-hydroxylarreatricin biosynthetic process 
(+)-kotanin biosynthetic process +  
(+)-lariciresinol biosynthetic process 
(+)-pinoresinol biosynthetic process 
(-)-exo-alpha-bergamotene biosynthetic process 
(-)-lariciresinol biosynthetic process 
(-)-pinoresinol biosynthetic process 
(-)-secologanin biosynthetic process 
(R)-mandelate catabolic process to benzoate 
1,5-anhydro-D-fructose biosynthetic process 
1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate metabolic process +   
3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate biosynthetic process  
3-cyano-L-alanine metabolic process +  
4-amino-3-isothiazolidinone biosynthetic process 
4-hydroxyproline metabolic process +   
5alpha,9alpha,10beta-labda-8(20),13-dien-15-yl diphosphate biosynthetic process 
7,8-didemethyl-8-hydroxy-5-deazariboflavin biosynthetic process 
7-cyano-7-deazaguanine biosynthetic process 
actinorhodin biosynthetic process 
aflatoxin biosynthetic process +  
alkanesulfonate biosynthetic process +   
all-trans-neoxanthin biosynthetic process 
allantoin biosynthetic process  
alpha-amino acid biosynthetic process +   
alpha-amino acid catabolic process +   
alpha-ribazole biosynthetic process 
ansamycin biosynthetic process 
anthranilate metabolic process +   
antimicrobial peptide biosynthetic process +   
argininosuccinate metabolic process  
aromatic amino acid family biosynthetic process +   
aromatic amino acid family catabolic process +   
aromatic primary alcohol biosynthetic process 
aspartate family amino acid metabolic process +   
asperfuranone biosynthetic process +  
aurone biosynthetic process 
bacillithiol biosynthetic process 
bacitracin A biosynthetic process 
benzene biosynthetic process 
beta-caryophyllene biosynthetic process 
beta-lactam antibiotic biosynthetic process +  
biotin biosynthetic process 
bradykinin biosynthetic process  
brevianamide F biosynthetic process +  
cadinene biosynthetic process 
camalexin biosynthetic process +  
carnosine biosynthetic process  
cellular lactam biosynthetic process +  
cephalosporin biosynthetic process +  
cephamycin C biosynthetic process 
chanoclavine-I aldehyde biosynthetic process +  
chanoclavine-I biosynthetic process +  
chondroitin sulfate biosynthetic process  
citrulline metabolic process +   
clavulanic acid biosynthetic process 
coenzyme gamma-F420-2 biosynthetic process 
coenzyme M biosynthetic process 
coumarin biosynthetic process +  
culmorin biosynthetic process 
cyclopentanol biosynthetic process 
D-amino acid metabolic process +   
daunorubicin biosynthetic process 
demethylkotanin biosynthetic process +  
depsipeptide biosynthetic process +  
dermatan sulfate biosynthetic process  
dethiobiotin biosynthetic process 
dipyrrin biosynthetic process 
discadenine metabolic process +  
ectoine biosynthetic process 
epothilone biosynthetic process 
erythrose 4-phosphate/phosphoenolpyruvate family amino acid metabolic process +   
flavin-containing compound biosynthetic process +   
fumagillin biosynthetic process +  
fumiquinazoline biosynthetic process +  
gliotoxin biosynthetic process +  
The chemical reactions and pathways resulting in the formation of the epipolythiodioxopiperazine gliotoxin, a poisonous substance produced by some species of fungi.
gliotoxin catabolic process 
glucosinolate biosynthetic process from phenylalanine 
glutamine family amino acid metabolic process +   
glutathione biosynthetic process +   
glutathione derivative biosynthetic process +   
gramicidin S biosynthetic process 
granaticin biosynthetic process 
heparin biosynthetic process  
hercynylcysteine sulfoxide biosynthetic process 
histamine biosynthetic process  
histidine biosynthetic process +   
histidine metabolic process +   
homocysteine metabolic process +   
homomethionine metabolic process +  
hydrogen sulfide biosynthetic process +   
hypusine metabolic process 
indole-containing compound biosynthetic process +   
isoflavonoid biosynthetic process +  
isoleucine metabolic process +   
isoquinoline alkaloid biosynthetic process +  
keratan sulfate biosynthetic process  
kojic acid biosynthetic process +  
kynurenic acid biosynthetic process  
kynurenine metabolic process +   
L-dopa metabolic process +   
L-phenylalanine metabolic process +   
L-pipecolic acid biosynthetic process 
lactone biosynthetic process +  
leucine metabolic process +   
leucoanthocyanidin biosynthetic process 
leukotriene A4 biosynthetic process  
leukotriene D4 biosynthetic process  
limonene biosynthetic process 
lincomycin biosynthetic process 
lipoate biosynthetic process  
mandelate biosynthetic process 
methanofuran biosynthetic process +  
methanophenazine biosynthetic process +  
methionine catabolic process to 3-methylthiopropanoate 
methionine catabolic process to 3-methylthiopropanol 
mitomycin C biosynthetic process 
Mo-molybdopterin cofactor biosynthetic process +   
molybdopterin cofactor biosynthetic process  
monensin A biosynthetic process 
mycothiol biosynthetic process 
N(omega),N(omega)-dimethyl-L-arginine metabolic process +  
N(omega)-methyl-L-arginine metabolic process +  
N-alpha,N-alpha,N-alpha-trimethyl-L-histidine metabolic process +  
naphthalene biosynthetic process 
naphtho-gamma-pyrone biosynthetic process +  
nicotianamine biosynthetic process 
nitrobenzene biosynthetic process 
nonribosomal peptide biosynthetic process +   
nopaline metabolic process +  
nucleobase biosynthetic process +   
nucleobase-containing compound biosynthetic process +   
ochratoxin A biosynthetic process 
ommochrome biosynthetic process 
organic heteropentacyclic compound biosynthetic process +  
orlandin biosynthetic process 
ornithine metabolic process +   
oxazole or thiazole biosynthetic process +  
p-cumate biosynthetic process 
para-aminobenzoic acid metabolic process +  
penicillin biosynthetic process +  
pentacyclic triterpenoid biosynthetic process +  
peptide antibiotic biosynthetic process +  
phenazine biosynthetic process +  
phenol-containing compound biosynthetic process +   
phenylpropanoid biosynthetic process +  
phosphoarginine metabolic process +  
phytochelatin biosynthetic process 
proanthocyanidin biosynthetic process +  
proline biosynthetic process +   
pseurotin A biosynthetic process +  
psilocybin biosynthetic process 
pteridine-containing compound biosynthetic process +   
purine-containing compound biosynthetic process +   
pyochelin biosynthetic process 
pyocyanine biosynthetic process +  
pyridine-containing compound biosynthetic process +   
pyrimidine-containing compound biosynthetic process +   
pyrroloquinoline quinone biosynthetic process 
pyrrolysine biosynthetic process 
pyruvate family amino acid metabolic process +   
quinate biosynthetic process 
S-adenosylhomocysteine metabolic process +   
S-adenosylmethioninamine biosynthetic process  
S-adenosylmethionine biosynthetic process  
S-glycoside biosynthetic process +  
S-methylmethionine biosynthetic process 
sarcosine metabolic process +   
serine family amino acid metabolic process +   
shamixanthone biosynthetic process 
stachydrine metabolic process +  
steroid biosynthetic process +   
stilbene biosynthetic process 
sulfolipid biosynthetic process 
sulfur amino acid biosynthetic process +   
tensidol A biosynthetic process +  
tensidol B biosynthetic process +  
terrequinone A biosynthetic process +  
tetracyclic triterpenoid biosynthetic process +  
tetrapyrrole biosynthetic process +   
thiamine diphosphate biosynthetic process +   
thiamine-containing compound biosynthetic process +  
thiazole biosynthetic process 
thioester biosynthetic process +   
toluene biosynthetic process +  
translation +   
tricyclic triterpenoid biosynthetic process 
tropane alkaloid biosynthetic process +  
tryptophan metabolic process +   
tyrosine metabolic process +   
valine metabolic process +   
verruculogen biosynthetic process 
vibriobactin biosynthetic process 
vistamycin biosynthetic process 
vitamin E biosynthetic process +   
vomitoxin biosynthetic process 
W-molybdopterin cofactor biosynthetic process 
xanthone-containing compound biosynthetic process +  
zearalenone biosynthetic process 

Exact Synonyms: gliotoxin anabolism ;   gliotoxin biosynthesis ;   gliotoxin formation ;   gliotoxin synthesis
Only In Taxon: NCBITaxon:4751 ! Fungi
Definition Sources: GOC:di, PMID:16333108, PMID:17574915, PMID:18272357, PMID:29966253

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