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negative regulation of chromosome organization (GO:2001251)
Annotations: Rat: (89) Mouse: (97) Human: (104) Chinchilla: (79) Bonobo: (87) Dog: (96) Squirrel: (84) Pig: (90)
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bacterial nucleoid packaging 
centromere complex assembly +   
chromatin organization +   
chromosome condensation +   
chromosome organization involved in meiotic cell cycle +   
DNA conformation change +   
kinetochore organization +   
maintenance of DNA repeat elements +   
mitochondrial chromosome packaging 
negative regulation of chloroplast fission 
negative regulation of chromosome organization +   
Any process that stops, prevents or reduces the frequency, rate or extent of chromosome organization.
negative regulation of cytoskeleton organization +   
negative regulation of endoplasmic reticulum tubular network organization 
negative regulation of endosome organization +   
negative regulation of lysosome organization  
negative regulation of melanosome organization 
negative regulation of mitochondrion organization +   
negative regulation of nuclear division +   
negative regulation of organelle assembly +   
negative regulation of phagosome maturation 
negative regulation of postsynaptic density organization  
negative regulation of secretory granule organization 
negative regulation of spermatid nuclear differentiation 
negative regulation of vacuole fusion, non-autophagic 
negative regulation of vesicle fusion +   
nucleotide-excision repair, DNA damage recognition +   
plastid chromosome packaging 
polytene chromosome puffing +  
positive regulation of chromosome organization +   
regulation of centromere complex assembly +   
regulation of chromosome condensation +   
regulation of chromosome organization +   
regulation of DNA duplex unwinding +   
regulation of G-quadruplex DNA unwinding +  
regulation of linear element maturation 
regulation of oocyte karyosome formation +  
regulation of replication fork arrest at rDNA repeats 
regulation of sister chromatid cohesion +   
regulation of sister chromatid segregation +   
regulation of synaptonemal complex assembly +  
regulation of telomere maintenance +   
sister chromatid cohesion +   
sister chromatid segregation +   
synaptonemal complex organization +   
telomere organization +   
transcription-dependent tethering of RNA polymerase II gene DNA at nuclear periphery +   
tRNA gene clustering 

Exact Synonyms: negative regulation of chromosome organisation
Related Synonyms: negative regulation of chromosome organization and biogenesis ;   negative regulation of maintenance of genome integrity ;   negative regulation of nuclear genome maintenance
Definition Sources: GOC:obol

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