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positive regulation of gastrulation (GO:2000543)
Annotations: Rat: (8) Mouse: (7) Human: (8) Chinchilla: (7) Bonobo: (7) Dog: (7) Squirrel: (7) Pig: (8)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
cell migration involved in gastrulation +   
cell-cell adhesion involved in gastrulation +   
convergent extension involved in gastrulation +   
epithelial cell morphogenesis involved in gastrulation +  
formation of primary germ layer +   
gastrulation with mouth forming first +  
gastrulation with mouth forming second +   
mesendoderm migration +   
mesodermal to mesenchymal transition involved in gastrulation +   
negative regulation of gastrulation 
positive regulation of dermatome development  
positive regulation of gastrulation  
Any process that activates or increases the frequency, rate or extent of gastrulation.
regulation of apical constriction involved in ventral furrow formation +  
regulation of gastrulation +   

Definition Sources: GOC:obol

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