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anchoring collagen complex +   
basement membrane +   
collagen and cuticulin-based cuticle extracellular matrix +  
collagen type XVII trimer 
collagen type XXVI trimer 
collagen type XXVIII trimer 
complex of collagen trimers +   
EMILIN complex  
Glycoprotein complex of the C1q/TNF superfamily found in the extracellular matrix (ECM) where it is an important component of the elastic fiber system. A homotrimer that will combine to form supramolecular EMILIN structures.
extracellular matrix of synaptic cleft  
hyaline layer +  
interphotoreceptor matrix +   
interstitial matrix  
matrilin complex 
multimerin complex 
perisynaptic extracellular matrix +   
synapse-associated extracellular matrix +   
tenascin complex 
transforming growth factor beta complex 

Narrow Synonyms: EMILIN-1 complex ;   EMILIN-2 complex ;   Elastic microfibrillar interface 1 complex ;   Elastic microfibrillar interface 2 complex
Xrefs: IntAct:EBI-11705777 ;   IntAct:EBI-11740139 ;   IntAct:EBI-11740215 ;   IntAct:EBI-11740275
Definition Sources: GOC:bhm, PMID:10821830

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