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dinoflagellate peduncle (GO:1990905)
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actin-based cell projection +   
cell hair 
cell projection membrane +   
cilium +   
dendritic cell dendrite 
dinoflagellate peduncle 
A small, flexible, finger-like projection of cytoplasm containing an array of microtubles and located near the flagellar pores in some photosynthetic as well as nonphotosynthetic dinoflagellate species. Its functions are not fully understood, but it has been associated with feeding behavior (phagotrophy).
glial cell projection +   
lamellipodium +   
macropinocytic cup +   
mating projection +  
muscle cell projection +   
neuron projection +   
plasma membrane bounded cell projection cytoplasm +   
podocyte foot  
podocyte primary projection 
pollen tube +  
pseudopodium +   
rhabdomere +   
root hair +  
ruffle +   
uropod +   

Definition Sources: GOC:at, PMID:1480107, Wikipedia:Dinoflagellate

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