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mitochondrion-endoplasmic reticulum membrane tethering (GO:1990456)
Annotations: Rat: (9) Mouse: (9) Human: (9) Chinchilla: (9) Bonobo: (9) Dog: (9) Squirrel: (9) Pig: (9) Naked Mole-rat: (9) Green Monkey: (9)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
actin cortical patch organization +   
autophagosome membrane docking  
blood microparticle formation +   
cell junction organization +   
cell projection organization +   
cellular anatomical entity morphogenesis +   
cellular component assembly +   
cellular component disassembly +   
cellular component maintenance +   
ciliary basal body-plasma membrane docking  
cilium attachment to cell body 
cytoplasm organization +   
endomembrane system organization +   
endoplasmic reticulum-peroxisome tethering 
endoplasmic reticulum-plasma membrane tethering  
external encapsulating structure organization +   
extracellular structure organization +   
membrane organization +   
microtubule organizing center attachment site organization 
microtubule organizing center organization +   
mitochondrion-endoplasmic reticulum membrane tethering  
The attachment of a mitochondrion and an endoplasmic reticulum via molecular tethers that physically bridge their respective membranes and attach them to each other. The tethering may facilitate exchange of metabolites between the organelles.
negative regulation of cellular component organization +   
nucleoid organization +   
nucleolar chromatin organization +   
nucleus-vacuole junction assembly 
oral apparatus organization 
organelle organization +   
periplasmic space organization 
peroxisome-chloroplast membrane tethering 
photoreceptor cell outer segment organization  
plastoglobule organization 
positive regulation of cellular component organization +   
post-anaphase microtubule array organization 
postsynapse organization +   
presynapse organization +   
presynaptic active zone organization +   
protein-containing complex organization +   
regulation of cellular component organization +   
regulation of cellular component size +   
supramolecular fiber organization +   
vacuole-ER tethering 
vacuole-mitochondria membrane tethering 
vesicle docking +   
vesicle tethering +   

Exact Synonyms: mitochondrion-ER attachment ;   mitochondrion-ER membrane tethering ;   mitochondrion-ER tethering ;   mitochondrion-endoplasmic reticulum attachment ;   mitochondrion-endoplasmic reticulum tethering
Definition Sources: PMID:19556461, PMID:27875684

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