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assembly of actomyosin apparatus involved in mitotic cytokinesis +   
medial membrane band assembly 
membrane addition at site of mitotic cytokinesis 
midbody abscission  
mitotic actomyosin contractile ring contraction +  
mitotic actomyosin contractile ring disassembly +  
mitotic cleavage furrow formation  
mitotic cleavage furrow ingression  
Advancement of the mitotic cleavage furrow from the outside of the cell inward towards the center of the cell. The cleavage furrow acts as a 'purse string' which draws tight to separate daughter cells during mitotic cytokinesis and partition the cytoplasm between the two daughter cells. The furrow ingresses until a cytoplasmic bridge is formed.
mitotic cytokinesis, division site positioning +  
mitotic division septum assembly +  
negative regulation of mitotic cytokinetic process +  
positive regulation of mitotic cytokinetic process +   
primary cell septum biogenesis +  
regulation of mitotic cytokinetic process +   
secondary cell septum biogenesis +  

Definition Sources: GOC:kmv, PMID:12707312

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