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axis elongation +   
axonogenesis +   
bud dilation 
cell growth involved in cardiac muscle cell development +   
cell growth involved in Malpighian tubule morphogenesis 
chondrocyte hypertrophy +   
collateral sprouting +   
dendrite morphogenesis +   
dendritic spine morphogenesis +   
dorsal trunk growth, open tracheal system 
elongation of arista core 
elongation of arista lateral 
filamentous growth of a multicellular organism 
glial cell growth +  
growth involved in heart morphogenesis +   
growth plate cartilage chondrocyte growth +   
imaginal disc-derived wing expansion 
mammary duct terminal end bud growth  
mammary gland bud elongation +   
nephric duct elongation  
neuron projection arborization +   
neuron projection extension +   
Long distance growth of a single neuron projection involved in cellular development. A neuron projection is a prolongation or process extending from a nerve cell, e.g. an axon or dendrite.
neuron projection guidance +   
oocyte growth +   
optic vesicle elongation 
outer ear emergence 
pollen tube growth +  
post-embryonic cardiac muscle cell growth involved in heart morphogenesis  
primary spermatocyte growth  
primary ureteric bud growth  
prostate gland morphogenetic growth +   
rhabdomere morphogenesis 
root hair elongation +  
sprouting of injured axon +   
unidimensional cell growth +   
ureteric bud elongation +   
ureteric bud invasion  

Exact Synonyms: neuron process extension ;   neuron protrusion extension ;   neuronal cell projection extension
Narrow Synonyms: neurite extension
Definition Sources: GOC:BHF, GOC:rl, PMID:22790009

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