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4-(trimethylammonio)butanoate transport 
5-amino-1-ribofuranosylimidazole-4-carboxamide transmembrane transport 
5-aminolevulinic acid import across plasma membrane  
5-formyltetrahydrofolate transport 
acetylcholine transport +   
achromobactin transport 
adenine import across plasma membrane 
aerobactin transport 
alanine transport +   
allantoate transport 
allantoin transport 
amino acid import across plasma membrane +   
amino-acid betaine transport +   
AMP transport  
asparagine transmembrane transport +   
auxin import into cell 
bacteriocin transport +  
biotin import across plasma membrane  
biotin transport +   
cadaverine transport 
carbohydrate import across plasma membrane +   
carcinine import across plasma membrane 
The directed movement of carcinine from outside of a cell, across the plasma membrane and into the cytosol.
carnitine transport +   
ceramide transport +   
chloramphenicol transmembrane transport 
choline transport  
creatine transmembrane transport  
cyclic-GMP-AMP transmembrane import across plasma membrane  
cycloheximide transport 
cysteine transport +   
daunorubicin transport  
dethiobiotin import across plasma membrane 
doxorubicin transport  
epinephrine transport +   
ethanolamine transport  
fatty-acyl-CoA transport +   
ferrichrome import into cell 
folate import across plasma membrane  
folic acid transport +   
fosmidomycin transport 
gluconate import across plasma membrane 
glutathione transport +   
glycine betaine transport  
glycine transport +   
guanine import across plasma membrane 
histamine secretion, neurotransmission 
hydroxyproline transport  
inorganic ion import across plasma membrane +   
L-arginine import across plasma membrane +   
L-arginine transmembrane export from vacuole +  
L-arginine transmembrane transport +   
L-asparagine import across plasma membrane  
L-cystine transport +   
L-glutamine import across plasma membrane +   
L-histidine transmembrane transport +   
L-histidine transport +   
L-isoleucine import across plasma membrane  
L-leucine transport +   
L-lysine transport +   
L-phenylalanine import across plasma membrane 
L-proline transmembrane transport +   
L-threonine import across plasma membrane +  
L-valine transmembrane transport +   
long-chain fatty acid import across plasma membrane +   
malate import across plasma membrane 
malonic acid import across plasma membrane 
methionine transport +   
methotrexate transport  
methylammonium transport +   
microcin transport +  
microcystin transport 
myo-inositol import across plasma membrane  
N-methylnicotinate transport 
norepinephrine transport +   
nucleoside import across plasma membrane  
octopamine secretion +  
oligopeptide import across plasma membrane +   
oligopeptide transport +   
ornithine transport +   
p-aminobenzoyl-glutamate transport +  
pantothenate import across plasma membrane 
pantothenate transmembrane transport +   
peptide pheromone export +   
peptide transport +   
phytochelatin transport +  
polyamine import across plasma membrane +  
polymyxin transport 
putrescine transport  
pyridoxal import across plasma membrane 
pyridoxal transport +  
pyridoxamine transport +  
pyridoxine import across plasma membrane 
S-adenosyl-L-methionine transport +   
S-methylmethionine transport 
serine transport +   
sodium-dependent organic cation transport  
spermidine transport +   
sphingoid long-chain base transport 
succinate import across plasma membrane 
sulfathiazole transmembrane transport 
thiamine import across plasma membrane 
thiamine transmembrane transport +   
thiamine transport +   
tryptophan transport +   
tyrosine transport +   
uracil import across plasma membrane +  
urea import across plasma membrane 
urea transport +   

Definition Sources: GO_REF:0000075, GOC:dph, GOC:TermGenie, PMID:26653853, PMID:26713872

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