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transmembrane L-cystine transport from lysosomal lumen to cytosol (GO:1904919)
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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
amino acid transmembrane export from vacuole +   
amino acid transmembrane import into vacuole +  
aspartate transmembrane import into vacuole 
basic amino acid transmembrane export from vacuole 
cadmium ion import into vacuole 
calcium ion import into vacuole 
copper ion export from vacuole 
endosome to lysosome transport +   
fructose export from vacuole to cytoplasm 
glutathione transmembrane import into vacuole 
glycine import across plasma membrane +   
glycine import into mitochondrion  
Golgi to lysosome transport  
heme export from vacuole to cytoplasm 
L-alanine transmembrane transport +   
L-arginine transmembrane transport +   
L-arginine transmembrane transport from lysosomal lumen to cytosol 
L-asparagine import across plasma membrane 
L-aspartate transmembrane export from vacuole 
L-aspartate transmembrane transport +   
L-glutamate transmembrane export from vacuole 
L-glutamate transmembrane transport +   
L-glutamine import across plasma membrane +   
L-histidine transmembrane transport +   
L-isoleucine import across plasma membrane  
L-leucine import across plasma membrane +   
L-lysine transmembrane transport +   
L-methionine import across plasma membrane +  
L-ornithine transmembrane transport +   
L-proline transmembrane transport +   
L-serine import across plasma membrane  
L-serine transmembrane import into vacuole 
L-threonine import across plasma membrane +  
L-tryptophan transmembrane transport +   
L-tyrosine import across plasma membrane +  
L-tyrosine transmembrane import into vacuole 
L-valine transmembrane transport +  
late endosome to lysosome transport +   
lysosome to ER cholesterol transport 
mitochondrion to lysosome transport  
molybdate ion export from vacuole 
neurotransmitter receptor transport, postsynaptic endosome to lysosome  
ornithine transmembrane import into vacuole 
phytochelatin import into vacuole +  
protein targeting to lysosome +   
transmembrane L-cystine transport from lysosomal lumen to cytosol 
The directed movement of L-cystine from the lysosomal lumen across the lysosomal membrane and into the cytosol.
transmembrane L-histidine transport from lysosomal lumen to cytosol 
transmembrane L-lysine transport from lysosomal lumen to cytosol 
transmembrane phosphate ion transport from cytosol to vacuole 
zinc ion export from vacuole 

Definition Sources: GO_REF:0000078, GOC:kmv, GOC:TermGenie, PMID:22822152

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