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regulation of amino acid transmembrane transport (GO:1903789)
Annotations: Rat: (21) Mouse: (21) Human: (22) Chinchilla: (21) Bonobo: (21) Dog: (21) Squirrel: (20) Pig: (21)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
amino acid export across plasma membrane +   
amino acid import across plasma membrane +   
amino acid transmembrane export from vacuole +   
amino acid transmembrane import into vacuole +  
asparagine transmembrane transport +   
aspartate transmembrane transport +   
basic amino acid transmembrane transport +   
cysteine transmembrane transport +   
isoleucine transmembrane transport +   
L-alpha-amino acid transmembrane transport +   
negative regulation of amino acid transport +   
negative regulation of transmembrane transport +   
ornithine transmembrane import into vacuole 
positive regulation of amino acid transport +   
positive regulation of transmembrane transport +   
proline transmembrane transport +   
regulation of (R)-carnitine transmembrane transport +  
regulation of amino acid transmembrane transport +   
Any process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of amino acid transmembrane transport.
regulation of amino acid uptake involved in synaptic transmission +   
regulation of aspartate secretion +   
regulation of dipeptide transmembrane transport +   
regulation of gamma-aminobutyric acid secretion +   
regulation of gluconate transmembrane transport +  
regulation of glucose transmembrane transport +   
regulation of glutamate secretion +   
regulation of glutamine transport +   
regulation of glycerol transport +  
regulation of glycine secretion, neurotransmission +  
regulation of inorganic anion transmembrane transport +   
regulation of long-chain fatty acid import across plasma membrane +   
regulation of monoatomic ion transmembrane transport +   
regulation of polyamine transmembrane transport +   
regulation of post-translational protein targeting to membrane, translocation +  
regulation of proline transport +   
regulation of protein import into chloroplast stroma +  
regulation of transmembrane transporter activity +   
regulation of uracil import across plasma membrane +  
regulation of xenobiotic detoxification by transmembrane export across the plasma membrane +   
serine import into mitochondrion  
vacuolar amino acid transmembrane transport +  

Exact Synonyms: regulation of amino acid membrane transport
Definition Sources: GO_REF:0000058, GOC:TermGenie, PMID:16115814

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