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regulation of plasma membrane organization (GO:1903729)
Annotations: Rat: (15) Mouse: (18) Human: (20) Chinchilla: (15) Bonobo: (16) Dog: (15) Squirrel: (15) Pig: (14)
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cornified envelope assembly  
integrin biosynthetic process +   
membrane reorganization involved in phagocytosis, engulfment 
myelin maintenance +   
negative regulation of cellular component organization +   
plasma membrane fusion +   
plasma membrane phospholipid scrambling +   
plasma membrane proton-transporting ATP synthase complex assembly 
plasma membrane raft localization +   
plasma membrane raft organization +   
plasma membrane repair +   
plasma membrane respiratory chain complex IV assembly 
plasma membrane tubulation +   
positive regulation of cellular component organization +   
regulation of adherens junction organization +   
regulation of ascospore-type prospore membrane formation +  
regulation of blood microparticle formation +   
regulation of capsule organization +  
regulation of cell growth +   
regulation of cell junction assembly +   
regulation of cell projection organization +   
regulation of cell septum assembly +  
regulation of cell wall chitin metabolic process +  
regulation of cell-substrate junction organization +   
regulation of centrosome cycle +   
regulation of chromatin organization +   
regulation of chylomicron remodeling +   
regulation of clathrin-coated pit assembly +   
regulation of endocytosis +   
regulation of endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced eIF2 alpha dephosphorylation +   
regulation of erythrocyte enucleation +   
regulation of extracellular matrix organization +   
regulation of fungal-type cell wall organization 
regulation of fusion of virus membrane with host plasma membrane +   
regulation of hyaluranon cable assembly +   
regulation of inclusion body assembly +   
regulation of intermediate filament polymerization or depolymerization +   
regulation of iron-sulfur cluster assembly +   
regulation of linear element assembly +  
regulation of membrane disassembly +  
regulation of membrane invagination +   
regulation of organelle organization +   
regulation of phospholipid translocation +   
regulation of plasma lipoprotein oxidation +   
regulation of plasma membrane organization +   
Any process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of plasma membrane organization.
regulation of plasma membrane sterol distribution  
regulation of postsynaptic membrane organization +   
regulation of presynaptic active zone assembly +   
regulation of protein-containing complex assembly +   
regulation of protein-containing complex disassembly +   
regulation of supramolecular fiber organization +   
regulation of synapse organization +   
regulation of synaptic vesicle membrane organization +   
regulation of syncytium formation by plasma membrane fusion +   
regulation of tight junction disassembly +   
regulation of transcription open complex formation at RNA polymerase II promoter 
regulation of very-low-density lipoprotein particle remodeling +   
regulation of vitellogenesis +  
sperm plasma membrane disassembly 
T-tubule organization  

Exact Synonyms: regulation of plasma membrane organisation
Related Synonyms: regulation of plasma membrane organization and biogenesis
Definition Sources: GO_REF:0000058, GOC:TermGenie, PMID:24514900

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