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regulation of cell maturation (GO:1903429)
Annotations: Rat: (39) Mouse: (42) Human: (40) Chinchilla: (32) Bonobo: (33) Dog: (39) Squirrel: (32) Pig: (37)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
epithelial cell maturation +   
erythrocyte maturation +   
modulation of spore encystment on host +  
myoblast maturation +  
negative regulation of cell development +   
negative regulation of cell maturation +   
negative regulation of respiratory burst involved in inflammatory response  
neuron maturation +   
oocyte construction +   
oocyte maturation +   
osteoclast maturation  
platelet maturation  
positive regulation of cell development +   
positive regulation of cell maturation +   
regulation of ascospore formation +  
regulation of cardiac muscle fiber development +   
regulation of cardiac myofibril assembly +   
regulation of cell maturation +   
Any process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of cell maturation.
regulation of cerebellar neuron development +  
regulation of chondrocyte development +   
regulation of conidium formation +  
regulation of endothelial cell development +   
regulation of eosinophil differentiation +   
regulation of establishment of blood-brain barrier +   
regulation of establishment of Sertoli cell barrier +   
regulation of eye photoreceptor cell development +   
regulation of Hulle cell development +  
regulation of intestinal epithelial cell development +  
regulation of metanephric glomerular visceral epithelial cell development +   
regulation of metula development +  
regulation of neurogenesis +   
regulation of oogenesis +   
regulation of osteoclast development +   
regulation of phialide development +  
regulation of skeletal muscle fiber development +   
regulation of type B pancreatic cell development +   
seed trichome maturation 
sperm capacitation +   
trichoblast maturation +  

Related Synonyms: regulation of functional differentiation
Definition Sources: GO_REF:0000058, GOC:TermGenie, PMID:17459944

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