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flavonoid transport from endoplasmic reticulum to plant-type vacuole (GO:1903415)
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Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
acetate ester transport +   
acridine transport 
alkane transport 
allantoin transport 
amine transport +   
aminotriazole transport 
azole transmembrane transport +   
benomyl transport +  
bicyclomycin transmembrane transport 
biopterin transport 
carbohydrate derivative transport +   
carbohydrate transport +   
carbonyl cyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone transport 
cobalamin transport  
cutin transport 
endocytosed protein transport to vacuole 
fatty acid derivative transport +   
ferric triacetylfusarinine C import into cell 
flavonoid transport from endoplasmic reticulum to plant-type vacuole 
The directed movement of flavonoid from endoplasmic reticulum to plant-type vacuole.
Golgi to vacuole transport +   
heme transport +   
histamine transport +   
lactone transport +   
late endosome to vacuole transport +   
lipid hydroperoxide transport  
lipid transport +   
lysosomal transport +   
modified amino acid transport +   
monoamine transport +   
negative regulation of vacuolar transport +   
nucleobase transport +   
nucleobase-containing compound transport +   
one-carbon compound transport +   
organic acid transport +   
organic anion transport +   
organic cation transport +   
organic hydroxy compound transport +   
organic phosphonate transport +  
organomercurial transport 
organophosphate ester transport +   
peptide transport +   
plastid to vacuole vesicle-mediated transport 
polyamine import across plasma membrane +  
polyamine transport +   
positive regulation of vacuolar transport +   
protein targeting to vacuole +   
purine-containing compound transmembrane transport +   
pyrimidine-containing compound transmembrane transport +   
regulation of vacuolar transport +   
retrograde transport, vacuole to Golgi 
S-adenosyl-L-methionine transport +   
thiamine transport +   
thioester transport +   
triazole transport 
vacuolar transmembrane transport +  
vitamin B6 transport +  

Related Synonyms: flavonoid accumulation in vacuole
Definition Sources: GO_REF:0000078, GOC:tb, GOC:TermGenie, PMID:25116949

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