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regulation of receptor localization to synapse (GO:1902683)
Annotations: Rat: (25) Mouse: (25) Human: (25) Chinchilla: (25) Bonobo: (25) Dog: (24) Squirrel: (25) Pig: (24)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
anterograde axonal transport of neurotransmitter receptor complex 
anterograde dendritic transport of neurotransmitter receptor complex  
negative regulation of receptor localization to synapse  
neurotransmitter receptor localization to postsynaptic specialization membrane +   
neurotransmitter receptor transport postsynaptic membrane to endosome  
neurotransmitter receptor transport to postsynaptic membrane +   
positive regulation of receptor localization to synapse  
postsynaptic neurotransmitter receptor diffusion trapping +   
regulation of actomyosin contractile ring localization +  
regulation of cellular component movement +   
regulation of cellular localization +   
regulation of defense response by callose deposition 
regulation of establishment of protein-containing complex localization to telomere +   
regulation of establishment of RNA localization to telomere +   
regulation of horizontal cell localization +  
regulation of lipid localization +   
regulation of lipid storage +   
regulation of protein localization +   
regulation of receptor localization to synapse +   
Any process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of receptor localization to synapse.
regulation of sequestering of calcium ion +   
regulation of sequestering of zinc ion +   
regulation of synaptic plasticity by receptor localization to synapse  
regulation of telomerase RNA localization to Cajal body +   
regulation of transport +   

Exact Synonyms: regulation of receptor localisation to synapse
Definition Sources: GO_REF:0000058, GOC:kmv, GOC:TermGenie, PMID:22252129

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