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L-alpha-amino acid transmembrane transport (GO:1902475)
Annotations: Rat: (83) Mouse: (72) Human: (79) Chinchilla: (65) Bonobo: (71) Dog: (73) Squirrel: (69) Pig: (82)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
amino acid export across plasma membrane +   
amino acid import across plasma membrane +   
amino acid transmembrane export from vacuole +   
amino acid transmembrane import into vacuole +  
asparagine transmembrane transport +   
aspartate transmembrane transport +   
basic amino acid transmembrane transport +   
cysteine transmembrane transport +   
glycine transport +   
histamine secretion, neurotransmission 
isoleucine transmembrane transport +   
L-alanine transport +   
L-alpha-amino acid transmembrane transport +   
The directed movement of L-alpha-amino acid across a membrane.
L-cystine transport +   
L-glutamate import +   
L-histidine transport +   
L-lysine transport +   
L-serine transport +   
ornithine transmembrane import into vacuole 
proline transmembrane transport +   
regulation of amino acid transmembrane transport +   
serine import into mitochondrion  
vacuolar amino acid transmembrane transport +  

Definition Sources: GOC:kmv, GOC:TermGenie, PMID:14668347

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