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autocrine signaling  
c-di-GMP signaling +   
cell-cell signaling involved in cardiac conduction +   
cell-cell signaling involved in cell fate commitment +   
cell-cell signaling involved in kidney development +  
cell-cell signaling involved in lung development +   
cell-cell signaling involved in mammary gland development  
cell-cell signaling involved in placenta development 
cell-cell signaling via exosome +   
cerebellar Purkinje cell-granule cell precursor cell signaling involved in regulation of granule cell precursor cell proliferation +   
determination of muscle attachment site 
ectoderm and mesoderm interaction  
endocrine signaling 
endodermal-mesodermal cell signaling +   
epiblast cell-extraembryonic ectoderm cell signaling involved in anterior/posterior axis specification  
epithelial-mesenchymal cell signaling +   
gamma-aminobutyric acid signaling pathway +   
glial cell-neuron signaling +   
Cell-cell signaling that mediates the transfer of information from a glial cell to a neuron. This signaling has been shown to be mediated by various molecules, depending on which glial cells release them, and in which tissues the signaling occurs, e.g. microglial cell-derived nerve growth factor (NGF) in the retina, or microglial cell-derived superoxide ions in the cerebellum.
mesenchymal-endodermal cell signaling +  
mesenchymal-epithelial cell signaling +   
mesodermal-endodermal cell signaling +   
neuron-glial cell signaling  
oscillatory cAMP signaling 
paracrine signaling  
polyphosphate-mediated signaling 
quorum sensing +  
regulation of branching involved in mammary cord morphogenesis by fat precursor cell-epithelial cell signaling 
regulation of mammary gland cord elongation by mammary fat precursor cell-epithelial cell signaling 
regulation of pre-tubular aggregate formation by cell-cell signaling 
signal release +   
stromal-epithelial cell signaling involved in prostate gland development  
synaptic signaling +   
visceral mesoderm-endoderm interaction involved in midgut development  

Exact Synonyms: glia-neuron signaling ;   glia-neuron signalling ;   glia-neurone signaling ;   glia-neurone signalling ;   glial cell- neuron signalling ;   glial cell-neurone signalling ;   glial cell-neurone singaling
Definition Sources: GOC:aruk, GOC:bc, PMID:14980203, PMID:16144764, PMID:16547515, PMID:18685038, PMID:27788368, PMID:9459440

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