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facultative heterochromatin assembly (GO:0140718)
Annotations: Rat: (39) Mouse: (38) Human: (39) Chinchilla: (33) Bonobo: (35) Dog: (35) Squirrel: (35) Pig: (36)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
constitutive heterochromatin assembly +   
facultative heterochromatin assembly +   
The assembly of facultative heterochromatin, heterochromatin that can be converted to euchromatin and allow transcription under specific contexts. These can be temporal (e.g., developmental states or specific cell-cycle stages), spatial (e.g., nuclear localization changes from the center to the periphery or vice versa due to exogenous factors/signals), or parental/heritable (e.g., monoallelic gene expression).
genomic imprinting +   
heterochromatin assembly by small RNA +   
heterochromatin boundary formation 
mating-type locus imprinting +   
negative regulation of heterochromatin assembly +   
positive regulation of heterochromatin assembly +   
pre-transcriptional gene silencing by RNA +   
regulation of heterochromatin assembly +   

Exact Synonyms: fHC assembly
Definition Sources: PMID:17936700

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