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CENP-A containing chromatin organization +   
chromatin assembly +   
chromatin looping  
A chromatin organization process that starts with the loading of an extrusion motor (by an SMC family complex) onto the chromatin, followed by chromatin extrusion that stops at loop anchoring sites on the chromosome.
chromatin remodeling +   
DNA replication-dependent chromatin organization +   
DNA replication-independent chromatin organization +   
heterochromatin organization +   
modulation by virus of host chromatin organization 
negative regulation of chromatin organization +   
nucleolar chromatin organization +   
positive regulation of chromatin organization +   
regulation of chromatin organization +   
regulation of gene expression, epigenetic +   
sperm DNA condensation +   
sperm DNA decondensation +   

Exact Synonyms: DNA loop extrusion ;   chromatin loop assembly
Broad Synonyms: DNA looping
Related Synonyms: chromatin folding
Definition Sources: PMID:32213323

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