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spindle pole body-led chromosome movement during mitotic interphase (GO:0140405)
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chromosome localization to nuclear envelope involved in homologous chromosome segregation +   
chromosome movement towards spindle pole +   
cilium movement +   
establishment of mitochondrion localization, microtubule-mediated +   
metaphase plate congression +   
microtubule plus-end directed mitotic chromosome migration  
microtubule polymerization based movement +   
microtubule sliding +   
mitotic metaphase chromosome recapture 
regulation of microtubule-based movement +   
spindle pole body-led chromosome movement during mitotic interphase 
A microtubule-based process in which chromosomes migrate as a result of rapid spindle pole body (SPB) and centrosome oscillations during mitotic interphase.
transport along microtubule +   

Definition Sources: PMID:31483748

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