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catalytic activity, acting on a tRNA (GO:0140101)
Annotations: Rat: (131) Mouse: (128) Human: (138) Chinchilla: (88) Bonobo: (121) Dog: (124) Squirrel: (122) Pig: (129)
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catalytic activity, acting on a rRNA +   
catalytic activity, acting on a tRNA +   
Catalytic activity that acts to modify a tRNA.
DNA/RNA helicase activity +   
first spliceosomal transesterification activity  
mRNA 5'-diphosphatase activity +   
mRNA 5'-phosphatase activity +   
oxidative RNA demethylase activity +   
RNA glycosylase activity +  
RNA guanylyltransferase activity +   
RNA helicase activity +   
RNA ligase activity +   
RNA methyltransferase activity +   
RNA NAD-cap (NAD-forming) hydrolase activity  
RNA NAD-cap (NMN-forming) hydrolase activity  
RNA nuclease activity +   
RNA polymerase activity +   
RNA topoisomerase activity 
RNA uridylyltransferase activity  
RNA-3'-phosphate cyclase activity  
rRNA pseudouridine synthase activity 
second spliceosomal transesterification activity  
snRNA pseudouridine synthase activity 
template-free RNA nucleotidyltransferase  
tyrosyl-RNA phosphodiesterase activity  

Definition Sources: GOC:molecular_function_refactoring, GOC:pdt

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