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PAR polarity complex (GO:0120157)
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activin receptor complex  
Atg1/ULK1 kinase complex  
carboxy-terminal domain protein kinase complex +   
cyclin-dependent protein kinase holoenzyme complex +   
DAPK1-calmodulin complex 
DNA-dependent protein kinase complex  
Gin4 complex 
IkappaB kinase complex  
Ire1 complex  
PAR polarity complex 
A protein kinase complex that is required for the establishment of a cell polarity axis during the cell division cycle. Binds directly to activated CDC42 GTPase and is required for orchestrating a cellular gradient of CDC42. In S. cerevisiae components are: BEM1, CDC24 and CLA4; from worms to vertebrates it contains a PAR6 protein, PAR3 protein and an atypical PKC.
phosphorylase kinase complex  
protein kinase 5 complex  
transforming growth factor beta ligand-receptor complex 

Exact Synonyms: apical polarity complex
Narrow Synonyms: BEM1-CDC24-CLA4 complex ;   Cdc42p GEF-PAK complex ;   PAR3-PAR6-atypical PKC ;   PAR3/PAR6/aPKC ;   PAR6-PAR3-aPKC complex
Definition Sources: GOC:lnp, PMID:11113154, PMID:18005931, PMID:22500799, PMID:28682236

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