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(deoxy)nucleoside phosphate kinase activity, dTTP as phosphate donor (GO:0106368)
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(deoxy)adenylate kinase activity 
(deoxy)nucleoside phosphate kinase activity, dGTP as phosphate donor 
(deoxy)nucleoside phosphate kinase activity, dTTP as phosphate donor 
Catalysis of the reaction: a 2'-deoxyribonucleoside 5'-phosphate + dTTP = a 2'-deoxyribonucleoside 5'-diphosphate + dTDP.
(deoxy)nucleoside phosphate kinase activity, GTP as phosphate donor 
(deoxy)nucleoside-phosphate kinase activity 
3-phosphoglyceroyl-phosphate-polyphosphate phosphotransferase activity 
5-methyldeoxycytidine-5'-phosphate kinase activity 
dolichyl-diphosphate-polyphosphate phosphotransferase activity 
farnesyl diphosphate kinase activity 
inositol heptakisphosphate kinase activity +   
inositol hexakisphosphate kinase activity +   
inositol-1,3,4,5,6-pentakisphosphate kinase activity  
isopentenyl phosphate kinase activity 
nucleoside diphosphate kinase activity  
nucleoside kinase activity +   
nucleoside monophosphate kinase activity +   
nucleoside phosphotransferase activity  
nucleoside triphosphate adenylate kinase activity  
phosphatidate kinase activity 
phosphomethylpyrimidine kinase activity 
phosphomevalonate kinase activity  
phytyl-P kinase activity 
polynucleotide 5'-hydroxyl-kinase activity +   
polyphosphate kinase activity 
polyphosphate:AMP phosphotransferase activity 
ribose 1,5-bisphosphate phosphokinase activity 
T2-induced deoxynucleotide kinase activity 
thiamine-diphosphate kinase activity 
thiamine-phosphate kinase activity 

Xrefs: RHEA:62132
Definition Sources: PMID:20497505, RHEA:62132

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