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retrograde axonal protein transport (GO:0099642)
Annotations: Rat: (2) Mouse: (2) Human: (2) Chinchilla: (2) Bonobo: (2) Dog: (2) Squirrel: (2) Pig: (2)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
anterograde axonal protein transport +   
negative regulation of axo-dendritic protein transport 
negative regulation of retrograde axon cargo transport +  
positive regulation of axo-dendritic protein transport  
positive regulation of retrograde axon cargo transport +   
regulation of axo-dendritic protein transport +   
regulation of retrograde axon cargo transport +   
retrograde axonal protein transport  
The directed movement of proteins along microtubules from the cell periphery toward the cell body in nerve cell axons.
retrograde axonal transport of mitochondrion  
retrograde neuronal dense core vesicle transport +   
retrograde synaptic vesicle transport 

Exact Synonyms: retrograde axon cargo transport
Definition Sources: ISBN:0815316194

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