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action potential initiation (GO:0099610)
Annotations: Rat: (2) Mouse: (2) Human: (2) Chinchilla: (2) Bonobo: (2) Dog: (2) Squirrel: (2) Pig: (2)
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action potential +     
action potential initiation  
The initiating cycle of an action potential. In vertebrate neurons this typically occurs at an axon hillock. Not all initiated axon potentials propagate.
action potential propagation +   
cardiac muscle cell action potential +   
membrane depolarization during action potential +   
membrane repolarization during action potential +   
negative regulation of action potential +   
neuronal action potential +   
positive regulation of action potential +   
regulation of action potential +   
regulation of skeletal muscle contraction by action potential +   

Exact Synonyms: action potential firing ;   action potential triggering
Definition Sources: ISBN:978-0071390118, PMID:19439602

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