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organelle +     
postsynapse +     
dendritic spine +   
extracellular organelle +   
intracellular organelle +   
kinocilium +   
magnetosome +  
membrane-bounded organelle +   
non-membrane-bounded organelle +   
organellar ribosome +   
organelle lumen +   
organelle membrane contact site +   
postsynapse of neuromuscular junction +  
postsynaptic cytoskeleton +   
postsynaptic cytosol  
postsynaptic endocytic zone +   
postsynaptic endosome +   
postsynaptic Golgi apparatus  
postsynaptic membrane +   
postsynaptic specialization +   
A network of proteins within and adjacent to the postsynaptic membrane. Its major components include neurotransmitter receptors and the proteins that spatially and functionally organize them such as anchoring and scaffolding molecules, signaling enzymes and cytoskeletal components.
stereocilium +   
synaptic vesicle, recycling pool 
ventral disc +  

Definition Sources: PMID:22046028

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