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regulation of trans-synaptic signaling (GO:0099177)
Annotations: Rat: (719) Mouse: (757) Human: (756) Chinchilla: (569) Bonobo: (585) Dog: (687) Squirrel: (575) Pig: (683)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
anterograde trans-synaptic signaling +   
negative regulation of cell communication +   
negative regulation of signaling +   
positive regulation of cell communication +   
positive regulation of signaling +   
regulation of aggregation involved in sorocarp development +  
regulation of AV node cell action potential +   
regulation of BMP secretion +   
regulation of c-di-GMP signaling +  
regulation of cell communication by chemical coupling +   
regulation of cell communication by electrical coupling +   
regulation of cell communication involved in growth plate cartilage morphogenesis 
regulation of cellular response to amino acid starvation +  
regulation of cellular response to glucose starvation 
regulation of cellular response to iron ion starvation +  
regulation of cellular response to phosphate starvation +  
regulation of establishment of competence for transformation +  
regulation of hormone secretion +   
regulation of induction of conjugation upon nitrogen starvation 
regulation of Purkinje myocyte action potential  
regulation of receptor recycling +   
regulation of SA node cell action potential  
regulation of signal transduction +   
regulation of synaptic signaling by nitric oxide  
regulation of trans-synaptic signaling +   
Any process that modulates the frequency, rate or extent of trans-synaptic signaling.
regulation of transforming growth factor beta activation +   
regulation of transmission of nerve impulse +   
regulation of trichome patterning +  
regulation of Wnt protein secretion +   
retrograde trans-synaptic signaling +   
trans-synaptic signaling by BDNF +   
trans-synaptic signaling by lipid +   
trans-synaptic signaling by neuropeptide +   
trans-synaptic signaling by soluble gas +   
trans-synaptic signaling by trans-synaptic complex +   
trans-synaptic signaling, modulating synaptic transmission +   
trans-synaptic signalling via exosome 

Definition Sources: GOC:dos

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