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viral entry via permeabilization of endosomal membrane (GO:0099006)
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permeabilization of host organelle membrane involved in viral entry into host cell +  
viral entry via permeabilization of endosomal membrane 
The entry of a non-enveloped virus into a host eukaryotic cell, following endocytosis, via permeabilization of the endosomal membrane by membrane penetration protein(s) associated with the viral capsid. In some cases, viral membrane-penetration protein require first to be activated to display its membrane penetrating activity. Activation can be due to receptor binding or the acidic pH of the endosomal lumen.
viral entry via permeabilization of inner membrane 

Broad Synonyms: viral penetration via permeabilization of host membrane
Xrefs: VZ:985
Definition Sources: PMID:15329727, PMID:25055856, VZ:985

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