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exocytic insertion of neurotransmitter receptor to postsynaptic membrane (GO:0098967)
Annotations: Rat: (9) Mouse: (9) Human: (9) Chinchilla: (8) Bonobo: (9) Dog: (9) Squirrel: (9) Pig: (9)
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constitutive secretory pathway +   
exocytic insertion of neurotransmitter receptor to postsynaptic membrane +   
The exocytic fusion of neurotransmitter receptor containing vesicles with the postsynaptic membrane resulting in the integration of NT receptors, enabling them to participate in neurotransmitter reception. This process includes tethering and docking steps that prepare vesicles for fusion.
exocytic process +   
exosomal secretion +   
negative regulation of exocytosis +   
neurotransmitter receptor localization to postsynaptic specialization membrane +   
neurotransmitter receptor transport to postsynaptic membrane +   
neurotransmitter receptor transport, endosome to postsynaptic membrane +   
positive regulation of exocytosis +   
postsynaptic neurotransmitter receptor diffusion trapping +   
postsynaptic neurotransmitter receptor internalization +   
regulated exocytosis +   
regulation of exocytosis +   

Definition Sources: PMID:19503082

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