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receptor diffusion trapping (GO:0098953)
Annotations: Rat: (10) Mouse: (10) Human: (10) Chinchilla: (5) Bonobo: (5) Dog: (6) Squirrel: (5) Pig: (10)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
axonal transport of messenger ribonucleoprotein complex +   
cellular protein-containing complex localization +   
dendritic transport of ribonucleoprotein complex +   
establishment of protein-containing complex localization to telomere +   
ganglioside GM1 transport to membrane  
intraciliary transport +   
intramanchette transport  
lipid droplet localization to prospore membrane leading edge 
lipopolysaccharide localization to cell outer membrane 
maintenance of protein complex location +  
membrane raft localization +   
neurotransmitter receptor internalization +   
neurotransmitter receptor transport +   
proteasome core complex import into nucleus 
protein localization to membrane +   
protein-DNA complex transport 
receptor diffusion trapping +   
The process by which a membrane receptor, diffusing freely within the plasma membeane, becomes trapped in some plasma membrane region. This can happen when a receptor bind, directly or indirectly, to some component of the underlying matrix.
receptor localization to synapse +   
ribonucleoprotein complex export from nucleus +   
vesicle-mediated transport to the plasma membrane +   

Definition Sources: PMID:18832033

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