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bacterial-type flagellum assembly +  
cellulosome assembly +  
centriole assembly +   
A cellular process that results in the assembly of one or more centrioles.
centrosome cycle +   
ciliary basal body organization +   
equatorial microtubule organizing center assembly 
equatorial microtubule organizing center disassembly 
interphase microtubule organizing center assembly 
kinetochore assembly +   
lipid droplet formation  
myofibril assembly +   
P granule assembly 
P-body assembly +   
podosome assembly +   
proteasome storage granule assembly 
ribosome assembly +   
septin ring assembly +   
spindle assembly +   
spindle pole body organization +  
stress granule assembly +   
terminal web assembly  

Definition Sources: GOC:dos, PMID:24075808

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