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cilium +     
centriolar subdistal appendage  
ciliary basal body +   
ciliary base  
ciliary cap 
ciliary inversin compartment  
ciliary membrane +   
ciliary microtubule quartet 
ciliary plasm +   
ciliary pocket +   
ciliary rootlet  
ciliary shaft 
ciliary tip  
ciliary transition fiber  
ciliary transition zone +   
motile cilium +   
non-motile cilium +   
A cilium which may have a variable array of axonemal microtubules but does not contain molecular motors.
ring centriole 

Exact Synonyms: immotile cilium ;   nonmotile cilium
Related Synonyms: immotile primary cilium ;   nonmotile primary cilia ;   nonmotile primary cilium ;   sensory cilium
Alternate IDs: GO:0031513
Definition Sources: GOC:cilia, GOC:dgh, GOC:kmv, PMID:17009929, PMID:20144998, PMID:22118931

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