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archaeal-type flagellum 
A non-membrane-bounded organelle superficially similar to a bacterial-type flagellum; they both consist of filaments extending outside the cell, and rotate to propel the cell, but the archaeal flagella (also called archaella) have a unique structure which lacks a central channel. Similar to bacterial type IV pilins, the archaeal flagellins (archaellins) are made with class 3 signal peptides and they are processed by a type IV prepilin peptidase-like enzyme. The archaellins are typically modified by the addition of N-linked glycans which are necessary for proper assembly and/or function.
bacterial-type flagellum +  
extracellular non-membrane-bounded organelle +  
haustorium +  
intracellular non-membrane-bounded organelle +   
left lateral basal body pair 
left middle basal body pair 
left tetrad 
pilus +  
plant cell papilla +  
plasma membrane bounded cell projection +   
right lateral basal body pair 
right middle basal body pair 
right tetrad 
stereocilia tip-link density +   
unicellular trichome apex +  
unicellular trichome branch 

Exact Synonyms: archaellum
Related Synonyms: archaeal flagellum ;   archaella
Only In Taxon: NCBITaxon:2157 ! Archaea
Definition Sources: GOC:cilia, GOC:krc, PMID:21265748, PMID:23146836, PMID:23204365, PMID:24330313, Wikipedia:Flagellum#Archaeal

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