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inclusion body +     
Bunina body 
Small granular inclusions (about 1-3 microns in diameter) found in the anterior horn cells, and appearing either singly or in a group. Sometimes they are arranged in small beaded chains. Bunina bodies express cystatin C and consist of electron-dense amorphous material that contains tubules or vesicular structures. The amorphous material frequently includes a cytoplasmic island containing neurofilaments and other micro-organelles.
fibrillary inclusion 
glial cytoplasmic inclusion  
hyaline inclusion 
laminated body +  
Lewy body +   
Lewy body-like hyaline inclusion 
neurofibrillary tangle  
nuclear inclusion body +   
PHA granule 
Pick body 
skein-like inclusion 

Xrefs: NIF_Subcellular:nlx_subcell_20090101
Definition Sources: NIF_Subcellular:nlx_subcell_20090101, PMID:18026741

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