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positive regulation of peptide hormone secretion (GO:0090277)
Annotations: Rat: (132) Mouse: (134) Human: (133) Chinchilla: (129) Bonobo: (129) Dog: (126) Squirrel: (124) Pig: (129)
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calcitonin secretion +   
corticotropin secretion +   
corticotropin-releasing hormone secretion +   
ghrelin secretion  
glucagon secretion +   
growth hormone secretion +   
insulin secretion +   
mating pheromone secretion +  
melanocyte-stimulating hormone secretion 
negative regulation of peptide hormone secretion +   
oxytocin secretion 
pancreatic polypeptide secretion 
peptide pheromone secretion 
positive regulation of activin secretion 
positive regulation of adiponectin secretion  
positive regulation of androstenedione secretion 
positive regulation of antimicrobial peptide secretion +  
positive regulation of dehydroepiandrosterone secretion 
positive regulation of estradiol secretion  
positive regulation of estrone secretion 
positive regulation of gonadotropin secretion +   
positive regulation of histamine secretion by mast cell  
positive regulation of inhibin secretion 
positive regulation of juvenile hormone secretion 
positive regulation of parathyroid hormone secretion  
positive regulation of peptide hormone secretion +   
Any process that increases the rate, frequency, or extent of the regulated release of a peptide hormone from secretory granules.
positive regulation of protein secretion +   
positive regulation of steroid hormone secretion +   
positive regulation of testosterone secretion  
prolactin secretion +   
regulation of calcitonin secretion +   
regulation of corticotropin secretion +   
regulation of corticotropin-releasing hormone secretion +   
regulation of glucagon secretion +   
regulation of growth hormone secretion +   
regulation of insulin secretion +   
regulation of peptide hormone secretion +   
regulation of somatostatin secretion +   
regulation of substance P secretion +   
regulation of thyroid-stimulating hormone secretion +   
somatostatin secretion +   
substance P secretion +   
thyroid-stimulating hormone secretion +   
vasopressin secretion +   

Definition Sources: GOC:tb

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