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establishment of protein localization to mitochondrial membrane (GO:0090151)
Annotations: Rat: (28) Mouse: (28) Human: (35) Chinchilla: (23) Bonobo: (24) Dog: (26) Squirrel: (24) Pig: (28)
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axonal dopamine secretion +  
calcium import into the mitochondrion involved in negative regulation of presynaptic cytosolic calcium concentration 
calcium ion transport into cytosol +   
cardiac muscle cell membrane repolarization +   
establishment of centrosome localization  
establishment of chromosome localization +   
establishment of ER localization +   
establishment of Golgi localization  
establishment of plastid localization +  
establishment of pole plasm mRNA localization 
establishment of protein localization to endoplasmic reticulum membrane  
establishment of protein localization to mitochondrial membrane +   
The directed movement of a protein to a specific location in the mitochondrial membrane.
establishment of protein localization to plasma membrane +   
establishment of protein localization to postsynaptic membrane +   
establishment of spindle localization +   
establishment of vesicle localization +   
extraction of mislocalized protein from membrane +   
histamine secretion by basophil 
histamine secretion by mast cell +   
histamine secretion by platelet 
inner mitochondrial membrane organization +   
insulin secretion involved in cellular response to glucose stimulus +   
intracellular transport +   
iron import into cell +   
leukocyte degranulation +   
mitochondrial membrane fusion +   
negative regulation of establishment of protein localization to mitochondrion +   
neurotransmitter loading into synaptic vesicle +   
neurotransmitter receptor transport to plasma membrane +   
neurotransmitter reuptake +   
neurotransmitter secretion +   
outer mitochondrial membrane organization +   
platelet degranulation +   
positive regulation of establishment of protein localization to mitochondrion +   
postsynaptic dense core vesicle exocytosis +  
postsynaptic endocytosis +   
postsynaptic neurotransmitter receptor cycle  
presynaptic endocytosis +   
protein import into mitochondrial intermembrane space  
protein import into mitochondrial matrix  
protein insertion into membrane +   
protein secretion by platelet  
protein targeting to membrane +   
protein targeting to mitochondrion +   
protein transport into membrane raft +   
protein transport out of plasma membrane raft 
regulation of establishment of protein localization to mitochondrion +   
regulation of mitochondrial membrane permeability +   
serotonin secretion by basophil 
serotonin secretion by mast cell  
serotonin secretion by platelet  
somato-dendritic dopamine secretion 
substrate localization to autophagosome  
synaptic vesicle cycle +   
synaptic vesicle exocytosis +   
synaptic vesicle lumen acidification +   
synaptic vesicle recycling +   

Exact Synonyms: establishment of protein localisation in mitochondrial membrane ;   establishment of protein localization in mitochondrial membrane
Definition Sources: GOC:ascb_2009, GOC:dph, GOC:tb

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