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cardiac muscle cell contraction (GO:0086003)
Annotations: Rat: (71) Mouse: (71) Human: (78) Chinchilla: (66) Bonobo: (68) Dog: (67) Squirrel: (67) Pig: (69)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
actin-myosin filament sliding +   
apical constriction +   
cardiac muscle cell contraction +   
The actin filament-based process in which cytoplasmic actin filaments slide past one another resulting in contraction of a cardiac muscle cell.
cytoplasmic actin-based contraction involved in cell motility +   
hepatic stellate cell contraction +   
myofibroblast contraction +   
negative regulation of cardiac muscle contraction +   
positive regulation of cardiac muscle contraction +   
regulation of cardiac muscle contraction +   

Definition Sources: GOC:BHF, GOC:mtg_cardiac_conduct_nov11

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