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viral process +     
cap snatching 
DNA-templated viral transcription  
early viral transcription  
establishment of viral latency +   
genome retention in viral capsid 
IRES-dependent viral translational initiation  
late viral transcription  
latency-replication decision 
latent virus replication +   
lysis of host organelle involved in viral entry into host cell +  
maintenance of viral latency 
middle viral transcription 
modulation by virus of host process +   
negative regulation by host of viral process +   
negative regulation by host of viral transcription +   
negative regulation of viral process +   
negative regulation of viral transcription  
permeabilization of host organelle membrane involved in viral entry into host cell +  
pore formation by virus in membrane of host cell 
positive regulation by host of viral process +   
positive regulation by host of viral transcription  
positive regulation of viral process +   
positive regulation of viral transcription  
recruitment of helicase-primase complex to DNA lesions 
regulation of defense response to virus by virus +   
regulation of viral process +   
regulation of viral transcription +   
release from viral latency +   
ribosomal skipping 
RNA-templated viral transcription +  
superinfection exclusion 
transport of virus +   
uncoating of virus 
viral budding +   
viral capsid assembly +  
viral capsid secondary envelopment  
viral DNA repair +  
viral gene expression +   
viral genome circularization 
viral genome integration into host DNA 
viral genome maturation +  
viral genome packaging +   
viral genome replication +   
viral head-tail joining 
viral latency +   
viral life cycle +   
viral protein processing  
viral release from host cell +   
viral replication complex formation and maintenance  
viral RNA editing 
The process by which bases in viral mRNA are chemically altered during viral transcription. This is usually the incorporation of 1 - 6 additional nucleotides, which shifts the reading frame, allowing the generation of different protein products or through a specific nucleotide change that eliminates the termination codon.
viral scaffold assembly and maintenance 
viral tail assembly +  
viral transcription +   
viral translation +   
viral translational frameshifting  
viral translational termination-reinitiation  
viral tropism switching 
virion assembly +   
virion maturation 
virus baseplate assembly 
virus maturation +   
virus tail fiber assembly 

Exact Synonyms: RNA editing involved in viral mRNA transcription
Xrefs: VZ:857 "RNA editing"
Definition Sources: PMID:1629949, VZ:857

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