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cell development +     
acquisition of desiccation tolerance +  
ascospore formation +  
bone cell development +   
bud dormancy process 
cardiac cell development +   
cell maturation +   
cell morphogenesis involved in differentiation +   
chlamydospore formation 
chondrocyte development +   
chorionic trophoblast cell development 
conidium development +  
corneocyte development +   
corticotropin hormone secreting cell development 
DCT cell development +  
developmental cell growth +   
dormancy entry of symbiont in host 
dormancy exit of symbiont in host 
dormancy maintenance of symbiont in host 
entry into diapause +  
entry into dormancy 
eosinophil differentiation +   
epithelial cell development +   
establishment of blood-brain barrier +   
establishment of blood-retinal barrier  
exit from diapause +  
exit from dormancy +  
germ cell development +   
glial cell development +   
guard cell development +  
hemocyte development 
hibernation +  
Hulle cell development +  
juxtaglomerulus cell development +  
leaf pavement cell development 
maintenance of diapause +  
maintenance of dormancy +  
mesangial cell development +   
mesenchymal cell development +   
metula development +  
muscle cell development +   
myeloid cell development +   
myoblast development +   
negative regulation of cell development +   
neuroblast development 
neuron development +   
notochord cell development +   
oenocyte development 
osteoblast development  
pancreatic E cell development 
phialide development +  
pigment cell development 
pole cell development +  
positive regulation of cell development +   
programmed cell death involved in cell development +   
prolactin secreting cell development 
proximal convoluted tubule segment 1 cell development 
regulation of cell development +   
renal interstitial fibroblast development +   
root hair cell development +  
seed dormancy process +  
sepal giant cell development 
somatotropin secreting cell development  
spore encystment +  
The physiological, developmental and morphological changes that occur in a symbiont spore during the process of its encystment. Encystment means to enter a state of essentially suspended animation in which the spore is protected by an outer coating and remains immobile and inactive until favorable conditions for growth occur again. The host is defined as the larger of the organisms involved in a symbiotic interaction.
stem cell development +   

Related Synonyms: spore encystment on host
Definition Sources: GOC:kmv, GOC:pamgo_curators

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