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penetration peg formation (GO:0075053)
Annotations: Rat: (0) Mouse: (0) Human: (0) Chinchilla: (0) Bonobo: (0) Dog: (0) Squirrel: (0) Pig: (0)
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appressorium formation +  
formation of appressorium germ tube hook structure +  
haustorium mother cell formation +  
haustorium neck formation +  
hyphopodium formation +  
infection cushion formation +  
penetration hypha formation +  
penetration peg formation +  
The assembly by the symbiont of a peg-like structure for the purpose of penetration into its host organism, which penetrates through the host cuticle and epidermal cell wall. The host is defined as the larger of the organisms involved in a symbiotic interaction.

Narrow Synonyms: initiation of symbiont penetration peg ;   symbiont penetration peg initiation
Related Synonyms: formation of symbiont penetration peg for entry into host ;   symbiont penetration peg formation for entry into host
Alternate IDs: GO:0075057
Definition Sources: GOC:pamgo_curators, PMID:26441323

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