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protein localization to membrane (GO:0072657)
Annotations: Rat: (619) Mouse: (615) Human: (639) Chinchilla: (516) Bonobo: (515) Dog: (602) Squirrel: (518) Pig: (591)
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cellular protein-containing complex localization +   
ganglioside GM1 transport to membrane  
intracellular protein transport +   
lipid droplet localization to prospore membrane leading edge 
lipopolysaccharide localization to cell outer membrane 
maintenance of protein location in cell +   
membrane raft localization +   
negative regulation of cellular protein localization +   
negative regulation of transcription by transcription factor localization +   
positive regulation of cellular protein localization +   
positive regulation of transcription by transcription factor localization  
protein insertion into membrane +   
protein localization involved in acrosome reaction 
protein localization involved in establishment of planar polarity  
protein localization to bud neck 
protein localization to cell division site +  
protein localization to cell leading edge +   
protein localization to cell periphery +   
protein localization to cell surface +   
protein localization to cell tip +  
protein localization to juxtaparanode region of axon +   
protein localization to membrane +   
A process in which a protein is transported to, or maintained in, a specific location in a membrane.
protein localization to myelin sheath abaxonal region  
protein localization to organelle +   
protein localization to paranode region of axon  
protein localization to phagophore assembly site  
protein localization to rhabdomere 
protein localization to trailing edge +  
receptor diffusion trapping +   
regulation of cellular protein localization +   
regulation of translation by machinery localization  
vesicle-mediated transport to the plasma membrane +   

Exact Synonyms: protein localisation in membrane ;   protein localization in membrane
Definition Sources: GOC:mah

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