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metanephric glomerulus development (GO:0072224)
Annotations: Rat: (17) Mouse: (17) Human: (17) Chinchilla: (17) Bonobo: (18) Dog: (17) Squirrel: (17) Pig: (17)
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glomerular basement membrane development +   
glomerular epithelium development +   
glomerulus morphogenesis +   
glomerulus vasculature development +   
mesonephric glomerulus development +  
metanephric extraglomerular mesangial cell proliferation involved in metanephros development 
metanephric glomerulus development +   
The progression of the metanephric glomerulus over time from its initial formation until its mature state. The metanephric glomerulus is a capillary tuft which forms a close network with the visceral epithelium (podocytes) and the mesangium to form the filtration barrier and is surrounded by Bowman's capsule in nephrons of the mature vertebrate kidney, or metanephros.
metanephric long nephron development +  
metanephric nephron morphogenesis +   
metanephric short nephron development +  
negative regulation of glomerulus development +   
positive regulation of glomerulus development +   
pronephric glomerulus development +  
proximal/distal pattern formation involved in metanephric nephron development +   
regulation of glomerulus development +   

Exact Synonyms: metanephric glomerular development
Definition Sources: GOC:mah

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