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secretion +     
acid secretion +   
body fluid secretion +   
canalicular bile acid transport  
histamine secretion +   
icosanoid secretion +   
nectar secretion 
The controlled release of a nectar by a cell or a tissue. Nectar is a fluid secreted by many angiosperms to promote pollination by providing a reward to pollinators. Nectar may also deter certain organisms from visiting or play other biological roles. Nectar is a complex solution that may include the following types of compounds: sugars, amino acids, organic acids, alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, vitamins, phenolics, metal ions, oils, free fatty acids, and proteins.
negative regulation of secretion +   
peptide secretion +   
positive regulation of secretion +   
regulation of secretion +   
renal tubular secretion  
secretion by cell +   
secretion by tissue +   

Related Synonyms: nectar production
Definition Sources: GOC:kad, PMID:19861655

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