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lipid binding +     
peptide binding +     
amyloid-beta binding  
beta-endorphin binding  
cyclosporin A binding  
diacylglycerol binding  
fatty acid binding +   
glycolipid binding +   
isoprenoid binding +   
lipid antigen binding +   
lipopeptide binding +   
Interacting selectively and non-covalently with a lipopeptide, any of a group of organic compounds comprising two or more amino acids linked by peptide bonds and containing a nonprotein group consisting of a lipid or lipids.
lipopolysaccharide binding  
membrane curvature sensor activity 
muramyl dipeptide binding  
neuropeptide binding +   
oligopeptide binding +   
peptide antigen binding  
peptide hormone binding +   
phospholipid binding +   
signal sequence binding +   
sphingolipid binding +   
steroid binding +   
triglyceride binding  

Narrow Synonyms: bacterial lipopeptide binding
Related Synonyms: bacterial lipoprotein binding
Definition Sources: GOC:add, PMID:12077222, PMID:12524386, PMID:2757794

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