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Cvt vesicle assembly (GO:0071255)
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acrosome assembly +   
autophagosome assembly +   
ciliary vesicle assembly 
cilium assembly +   
contractile vacuole organization 
Cvt vesicle assembly 
A vesicle organization process that takes place as part of the Cvt pathway, and results in the formation of a double membrane-bounded cytosolic structure that sequesters precursor aminopeptidase I (prAPI).
endosome organization +   
extracellular exosome assembly +   
female pronucleus assembly  
gut granule assembly +  
karyomere assembly 
male pronucleus assembly +   
melanosome assembly  
multivesicular body assembly  
Nebenkern assembly 
negative regulation of organelle assembly +   
non-membrane-bounded organelle assembly +   
phagolysosome assembly +   
pigment granule organization +   
positive regulation of organelle assembly +   
postsynaptic specialization assembly +   
regulation of organelle assembly +   
regulation of protein localization by the Cvt pathway 
secretory granule organization +   
spine apparatus assembly  
synaptic vesicle maturation +   
vesicle budding from membrane +   
vesicle coating +   
vesicle fusion +   

Exact Synonyms: CVT vesicle formation ;   cytoplasm to vacuole targeting vesicle assembly ;   cytoplasm-to-vacuole targetin vesicle assembly
Related Synonyms: CVT vesicle biosynthesis
Definition Sources: GOC:rb, PMID:10966461, PMID:11085977

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