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protein secretion by platelet (GO:0070560)
Annotations: Rat: (2) Mouse: (2) Human: (2) Chinchilla: (2) Bonobo: (2) Dog: (2) Squirrel: (2) Pig: (2)
Parent Terms Term With Siblings Child Terms
adiponectin secretion +   
amylase secretion +   
axonal dopamine secretion +  
basolateral protein secretion 
BMP secretion +  
calcium import into the mitochondrion involved in negative regulation of presynaptic cytosolic calcium concentration 
calcium ion transport into cytosol +   
cardiac muscle cell membrane repolarization +   
cytokine secretion +   
dense core granule priming  
establishment of centrosome localization  
establishment of chromosome localization +   
establishment of ER localization +   
establishment of Golgi localization  
establishment of plastid localization +  
establishment of pole plasm mRNA localization 
establishment of protein localization to mitochondrial membrane +   
establishment of spindle localization +   
establishment of vesicle localization +   
exocyst assembly +   
histamine secretion by basophil 
histamine secretion by mast cell +   
histamine secretion by platelet 
immunoglobulin secretion +   
insulin secretion +   
insulin secretion involved in cellular response to glucose stimulus +   
intracellular transport +   
iron import into cell +   
leukocyte degranulation +   
matrix metallopeptidase secretion +   
multivesicular body fusion to apical plasma membrane 
negative regulation of protein secretion +   
neurotransmitter loading into synaptic vesicle +   
neurotransmitter reuptake +   
neurotransmitter secretion +   
pancreatic trypsinogen secretion +   
platelet degranulation +   
pore formation during contractile vacuole discharge 
positive regulation of protein secretion +   
postsynaptic dense core vesicle exocytosis +  
postsynaptic endocytosis +   
postsynaptic neurotransmitter receptor cycle  
presynaptic endocytosis +   
prolactin secretion +   
protein secretion by platelet  
The regulated release of proteins by a platelet or group of platelets.
protein secretion by the type I secretion system 
protein secretion by the type II secretion system 
protein secretion by the type III secretion system 
protein secretion by the type IV secretion system 
protein secretion by the type V secretion system 
protein secretion by the type VI secretion system 
protein secretion by the type VII secretion system 
regulation of protein secretion +   
renin secretion into blood stream +   
secretion of lysosomal enzymes +   
serotonin secretion by basophil 
serotonin secretion by mast cell  
serotonin secretion by platelet  
somato-dendritic dopamine secretion 
substrate localization to autophagosome  
synaptic vesicle cycle +   
synaptic vesicle exocytosis +   
synaptic vesicle lumen acidification +   
synaptic vesicle priming +   
synaptic vesicle recycling +   
synaptic vesicle targeting  
vesicle docking involved in exocytosis +   
vesicle fusion to plasma membrane +   
vesicle tethering involved in exocytosis +   
Wnt protein secretion +   

Definition Sources: GOC:BHF, GOC:mah

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