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adhesive extracellular matrix 
biofilm matrix +  
chitin-based extracellular matrix 
collagen-containing extracellular matrix +   
egg coat +   
elastic fiber  
fibronectin fibril 
middle lamella 
organomineral extracellular matrix 
pollen coat 
A layer of extracellular matrix deposited onto the surface of the pollen wall upon disintegration of the tapetal layer of the anther wall in the late stages of pollen development. The composition of this material is highly heterogeneous and includes waxes, lipid droplets, small aromatic molecules, and proteins. The pollen coat is proposed to have many functions, such as holding pollen in the anther until dispersal, facilitation of pollen dispersal, protection of pollen from water loss and UV radiation, and facilitation of adhesion of pollen to the stigma.
thrombospondin complex 
Ubisch body 

Exact Synonyms: pollenkitt ;   tryphine
Definition Sources: GOC:mah, GOC:rph, PMID:12930826, PMID:15012271

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