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cell death +     
cell death in response to oxidative stress +   
necrotic cell death +   
A type of cell death that is morphologically characterized by an increasingly translucent cytoplasm, swelling of organelles, minor ultrastructural modifications of the nucleus (specifically, dilatation of the nuclear membrane and condensation of chromatin into small, irregular, circumscribed patches) and increased cell volume (oncosis), culminating in the disruption of the plasma membrane and subsequent loss of intracellular contents. Necrotic cells do not fragment into discrete corpses as their apoptotic counterparts do. Moreover, their nuclei remain intact and can aggregate and accumulate in necrotic tissues.
negative regulation of cell death +   
neuron death +   
positive regulation of cell death +   
programmed cell death +   
regulation of cell death +   

Exact Synonyms: cellular necrosis
Broad Synonyms: necrosis
Definition Sources: GOC:mtg_apoptosis, PMID:18846107, PMID:20823910

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