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activin complex +   
apoptotic body 
bacterial extracellular vesicle 
bacterial outer membrane vesicle 
blood microparticle +   
bursicon neuropeptide hormone complex 
classical-complement-pathway C3/C5 convertase complex 
CNTFR-CLCF1 complex  
complement component C1 complex  
complement component C1q complex 
CRLF-CLCF1 complex  
extracellular exosome +   
A vesicle that is released into the extracellular region by fusion of the limiting endosomal membrane of a multivesicular body with the plasma membrane. Extracellular exosomes, also simply called exosomes, have a diameter of about 40-100 nm.
fibrinogen complex  
immunoglobulin complex, circulating +   
inhibin complex +   
insulin-like growth factor binding protein complex +   
interleukin-12 complex  
interleukin-23 complex  
interleukin-27 complex 
interleukin-35 complex 
larval serum protein complex 
microvesicle +   
plasma lipoprotein particle +   
reelin complex 

Exact Synonyms: exosome ;   extracellular vesicular exosome
Definition Sources: GOC:BHF, GOC:mah, GOC:vesicles, PMID:15908444, PMID:17641064, PMID:19442504, PMID:19498381, PMID:22418571, PMID:24009894

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